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18 April 2008

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Nowadays, the usage of various browser toolbars is catching the fancy of all and sundry due to the multifaceted advantages they offer. The flexibility of speedy searches and simple accessing of e-mail accounts make them quite popular and the most common example of such a utility is the Google Toolbar. However, software technology is developing in a steadfast manner and is frequently coming up with new marvels to assist in making our browsing processes much faster and simpler. Such a revolutionary tool is the Zabidoo 1.1.803.64 web navigator which contains a list of features that provides maximum flexibility to the user and delivers the best performance using up less of your valuable time.

The Zabidoo 1.1.803.64 upon launch opens as a separate web browser with multiple features and vibrantly arranged interface with major options placed on the left pane of the screen and search engine provided at the top left corner. This web navigator provides the best of best information sources to its users within a short span to time involving minimum internet usage and providing maximum comfort to the user. The host of sources available to the user includes, e-mail browsing and even providing price comparison facility for latest deals along with news updates. Furthermore, the fun quotient of the browser is enhanced through the in-built radio facility and the daily Television guide consisting of numerous channels and show timings. Thoroughly customized and personalized tool, the software is one stop shop for all the requirements of any user, and hence is a must for all who wish to have the information sources within a click.

The Zabidoo comes across as a powerful and multifarious application that works wonders in enhancing the web browsing experience and gets a score of 4.5 rating points for its stellar performance and for being a one stop information resource.

Publisher's description

Zabidoo is something totally new. It's the 'web navigator' that delivers the best of the web saving you time, effort and money online and mobile. Zabidoo for PC is your personal one-stop-shop to the best of the Web including: the very best websites and live feeds for shopping, info, and fun; a choice of search engines, price comparison sites, and local search for just about anything; the latest special deals for savings worth hundreds of pounds. With Zabidoo, you save time, effort and money navigating the web. Zabidoo has been adapted to be your personal one-stop-shop to the best of the Web on mobile including: mobile-ready Web sites for shopping, info, and fun; up to 60% saving on mobile data costs with Zabidoo money saving technology; mobile search engines, price comparison sites, and local search for just about anything; live feeds for breaking news, sport, entertainment.
Version 1.1.803
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